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Julio Cesar Gonzalez 35 years maximum average Mexican boxer died in a car accident while driving his motorcycle while he was traveling on the ranch he owned in his native town of Guerrero Negro, the Mexican city in the region of Baja California when it was literally run over by a car driving one of whom was a man drunk.
Another cause of death, in addition to the injuries sustained by the dramatic confrontation, there is the delay with which they were provided for rescue. To reach the scene of the accident, the ambulance took the beauty of an hour and thirty minutes long, then, was fatal to the already moribund Mexican sample.
Atlanta 96 Olympic athlete, Gonzales where he had the misfortune of hitting the initial match of the tournament in winning the gold medal, Kazakh Vassily Jirov.
Past professional under the supervision of the manager Rogelio Robles, Gonzalez in 2003 managed to make a large company to go to Germany to win the WBO light heavyweight title (first and only Mexican to become world champion in that weight class), surpassing the then the undefeated champion Dariusz Michalczewki German with a verdict points to split his kingdom decision.Il world turned out, however, of short duration.
Depending on the options granted in favor of the Universum at the time of signing the contract to meet Michalczewki, three months after Gonzalez was forced to return to Germany to fight against another protected the powerful organization of Klaus Peter Kohl, Hungarian Szolt Erdei that the ring Karlsruhe defeated him clearly on points.

In addition to these meetings on German soil, the Mexican boxer has fought for the world title on three other occasions: in 2001 in Los Angeles where he was defeated in points by U.S. champion Roy Jones for the WBC Title, WBA and IBF average maximum, rather in 2005 and 2007 in Sheffield in England was beaten on two occasions, both points, the home boxer Clinton Woods.

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